Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good week

This week has been pretty awesome. The church service I went to last week was only supposed to be two hours long, but the spirit decided that it was going to become a four hour celebration.We didn't get back to the base until well after bedtime but we were excited. And on top of that there were a bunch of kids at the church that my group went to, it reminded me of how much fun I had working with kids in the states. It even made me miss my old job a little bit, but the kids were really excited to get to talk to a new foreigner and I ended up teaching them how to do the macarena (not sure how to spell it), but it was an incredible experience.

This week we had the same topic for class all week taught by Nacho. It was an in depth discussion about how we see God with our own concepts, and how God is truly described in the bible. The classes sparked a lot of healthy debates and brought up a lot of good questions for me and how I look at God. We also had the opportunity to do some more visits in the neighborhood that our base adopted as our mission. I got to meet a guy named Louis and his family. He was extremely nice and open to talking about God, not that I understood the entire conversation, but I caught onto it for the most part. We were even able to get his wife to come to the celebration with us that evening. So we can see God moving in the relationships that are being built in the community and it's awesome. On the way home that night I was feeling especially friendly and decided to say hola to everyone I saw and give them a smile ( I originally wanted to say God bless you but every time I tried to pronounce it in Spanish the Latin missionaries just laughed). It was refreshing to see that the people in Argentina reacted the same way as people in America, they looked at me funny and kept walking, but a few people smiled back.

This week has included a lot of reading, I was assigned a book called Making Jesus Lord by Loren Cunningham (The founder of YWAM) to read for a book report that's all about us conquering the world through submission. It was a pretty good book and it had a lot of cool stories in it. The book also helped me realize that I still struggle to give certain things over to God and that I need to continue to pray for strength in this area. I've also been reading a book called The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne. This book is incredibly eye opening, it had me tearing up in the first chapter. For anyone who wants insight into what radical Christian love looks like today I would highly recommend the book.

With the classes and the books, on top of the scriptures I've been reading, and the discussions I've been having with my disciplers and class mates God has been teaching me a lot. I'm seeing old verses in a completely new light, I'm getting a more clear picture of God's call in my life, and I'm loving this country and it's people more every day. I keep praying for the kids in this city and I urge my brothers and sisters at home to do the same. I'm keeping the churches in America constantly in my prayers. God bless you guys.

                                                                      Luke 3:11
                                                                    -Matt Hursh


  1. It sounds like you are doing a great job of adapting to the language challenges. We have you, your team and the entire mission in our constant prayers.

    Love you!

  2. Healthy debates...I bet you felt like you were right at home!! :) We miss you and have you always in our thoughts and prayers. (You could be an uncle any day now!!) Love you! ~Tiffany and Tommy