Monday, October 18, 2010

Crazy week

This week has been so intense, first off I have found a church that I love. It´s a small church with about ten people in it so we already know everyone and the best part is when we finish the service at 9:00 we all walk next door to the pastors house and she cooks us a meal and we all eat and talk for hours. It has a true family feeling and the people from the church are already asking me if I´ll come back to Puerta Madryn after I´m done with my DTS. So I can definitely feel the love.

But what was really intense about this week was the classes. The whole week has been on the topic of deliverance. A big part of deliverance is talking about demons and some of the stories that the director was telling were just insane, if it had been anyone else saying it I would of thought that they were either lying or crazy, but I definitely believe a lot more in the power of the spiritual world now. But what was great about the class was that it´s more about the freedom that comes from deliverance, which by the way deliverance is renouncing the power of sin in your life and allowing Christ to give you the freedom that comes from submitting only to him it sounds a lot like baptism but it involves a lot more steps. The class has helped me to forgive other people, and it´s helped me to forgive myself for a lot of the things that I´ve been carrying around with me for a while.

I have no idea what the classes will be this week but I know our schedule is going to be tight because we have to leave this Saturday to go to Buenas Aires for a YWAM conference with all of the YWAM bases in the Southern region of South America, and we´ll have the oppurtunity to hear from the YWAM founders themselves, so it should be alot of fun. I´ll try to send an update from Buenas Aires when we get there next weekened.

                                                                                                        Genesis 4:7
                                                                                                       -Matt Hursh

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  1. Sounds like God has been doing some great work in and through you!

    One of the school-age kids at Liberty mentioned you the other day. She talked about the funny songs you sang during snack time on your guitar!

    Stay safe!